Life is not generic, neither is Life Insurance

Avanir is a specialist in this field. Our streamlined approach removes the risk of mistakes, frustration and overwhelm of actioning life insurance protection.

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Know your actual risks

Your life and experiences are unique. Avoid costly gaps in your insurance coverage.

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Level-up your insurance

Wealth grows and circumstances change. Make sure your insurance keeps up with you.

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Always protect your family

Life is unexpected. The correct cover assures your protection at the time of a claim.

We work with premium insurers, including:

Being underinsured never helped anyone

For many, once we sign on the dotted line, we don’t really think about the policy again. The risk often isn’t the absence of life insurance, it’s the redundant cover. Nod if this sounds familiar:

I have the standard package of insurance.

I haven’t updated my cover for quite some time.

I don’t really know what specific cover I have.

My circumstances have changed since I took out insurance.

I find the whole sorting out insurances process tedious and salesy.

I do want to know that we will be covered if anything terrible happens.

If this does sound familiar, it’s probably time we have a chat.

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Your best interests are at the heart of Avanir

Today, 1 in 5 Australians do not have the right cover.

They often don’t understand what cover they have, or when to claim.

Avanir is fastidious about your cover because if something happens, you want be certain that you:

  1. Are covered so you can achieve the peace of mind you planned for.
  2. Avoid financial hardship and be covered for any debts and ongoing expenses that exist.
  3. Protect loved ones by ensuring they are left with adequate financial support and living arrangements.
  4. Cover medical expenses to ensure you get the right treatment and care without having to worry about debt or even bankruptcy.
  5. Feel confident that Avanir will help you at claim time – when it really counts.

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Life’s different with Avanir by your side

It’s our expert knowledge and stewardship that gives you peace of mind. You will understand the value of your policies and premiums and why they’re not ‘just a discretionary expense’.

It’s time to take an active interest in your life insurance protection:

  • Feel educated, informed & confident about your solution.
  • Complete confidence you’ll have the right cover & policies to meet your needs and budget.
  • Peace of mind to get on & live your best life!
  • Expert, comprehensive support at claim time.

When you add it all up, you can live with confidence. Learn more


“My heart attack was sudden and unexpected at 42 years old, I was very fortunate to survive. The day it happened, my wife called Chris with the shocking news, and his calm and reassuring personality took away any financial worries we might have had …”

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A life worth living is worth protecting.
This is how we work:

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1. Discovery Call

Here we learn more about your unique situation and any current cover. We conduct a needs analysis to identify any gaps.

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2. Set-up

We personally present professional, written advice, tailored to your specific needs & ensure you understand the protection you’ll have in place.

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3. Be Confident

With your life insurance under Avanir’s expert guidance, and our ongoing consultation, you’ll have the peace of mind to live well.