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Claim preparation
Claim lodgement
Claims management

When life suddenly changes, you want ‘expert help’ by your side.

Claiming against a life insurance policy can be a challenging time. It can be complex and emotionally stressful, especially if the claimant is unwell or has sadly passed away. This is where Avanir’s expert guidance can help.

Know what you’re covered
for, and entitled to

We pre-assess your claim eligibility and then open the claim for you.

Make your claim
preparation air-tight

We prepare the claim requirements, assess any financial and medical evidence from your accountants and doctors, then lodge the claim.

Put your best case forward
from start to finish

We offer ongoing claim eligibility assessment, management, and advice on how best to ensure your claim is a success.

Avanir provides all the necessary tools to enable you to lodge a strong claim.

That’s why if you choose to manage the claim yourself, we assist you with all the preparation work ready for you to submit to your insurer.

As part of our offering, all clients who choose to handle the claim themselves have access to our complimentary Pre-claim Support service designed to help you put your best foot forward. This is what we do:

  • We’re there for you from day 1, when you call for help
  • Gain a detailed understanding of what has happened
  • Assess the situation and how it applies to your policy
  • Provide clear direction with emotional support
  • Advise on the information required to ‘pre-assess’ your claim eligibility.
  • Advise of your likely eligibility
  • Open and obtain the claim document requirements from your insurer
  • Explain how to prepare your claim.
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Unfortunately, it can be really daunting lodging your own claim.

For claimants, the whole claims process can be confusing and overwhelming. Often, they don’t have the expertise or emotional capacity to handle the requirements needed that lead to a successful claim. So, ask yourself ...

Do I have the headspace
and expertise to handle
my claim?

Submitting a compelling claim requires detailed preparation and a clear understanding and interpretation of the terms and conditions.

Do I want the claim
process to be as short
as possible?

Receiving policy benefits efficiently is directly related to the skill and quality of claim submission. Avoid unnecessary delays by being across the detail.

Do I have the best chance
of achieving a successful
claim myself?

Maybe not the ‘best’ chance. The fact is claims have a higher payout ratio when clients are advised*.

(*APRA Life Insurance claims & disputes statistics Dec 2022 – issued April 2023).

Avanir ‘s advice is like a safe pair of hands. Find out more.

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Avanir has a Claims Advocacy Service. No claim, no fee.

To maximise your chance for a successful claim, opt-in to our market leading Claims Advocacy Service, where we act on your behalf, until the claim benefit is paid.

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claims paid to date

Here are 9 reasons why our clients choose our Claims Advocacy Service:


We’re across all the legal and administration and management requirements from day one.


We understand all ‘definitions of terms’ for each policy and how they apply to any situation.


We know how to interpret policy definitions to ensure our clients’ circumstance/s is clearly reflected.


We discern the terms and conditions that apply to each policy (and claim applications) and interpret those in your best interest.


Personal circumstances can be very nuanced, so ensuring your ongoing claim management with your insurer is really important … very important.


The claim process (i.e., Income Protection) can run for up to 1, 2, or 3+ years and requires stamina and knowledge to keep benefits being paid.


We don’t give up or give in. We see the claim through.


We protect you from hasty decisions and settling for less.


We have clear direction with a 100% success rate of advised claims paid.

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“From someone who manages claims all day every day I can’t commend Chris enough when it comes to the support, he offers the insured as well as the insurer. He is so proactive when it comes to claims management …”

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With a 100% success rate, you’re in excellent hands.

Capably lead by CEO and founder Chris Matlock, Avanir is highly experienced in navigating claims against all life insurance types, their complexity and duration while providing invaluable support to clients and their families.

Chris and his team make your claim preparation airtight. By getting it right at the start of the process, Avanir maximises the efficiency of claim success and payment.

“We are extremely proud of our track record of 100% of all advised claims being paid to our clients”.

Chris Matlock, CEO
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