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Avanir offers 3 business-to-business life insurance service solution packages:

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1.Ad Hoc
Referral Service

For businesses that want a trusted complimentary referral solution with no other time, effort or financial commitments required.

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2. Active Referral
Service Alliance

For allied businesses who want to actively identify and refer their clients to ensure their life insurance protection needs are reviewed and put in place.

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3. Joint Venture
Business Solution

For those businesses that want to commercially partner with Avanir to proactively cater for all their clients’ life insurance needs as an integrated part of their service offer.

Strategic Partnerships designed to add value.

Avanir is interested in discussions with the following businesses ...

Wealth Management and Financial Advice Firms

The challenge: Many financial advisers have found it difficult to keep up with the rate of change in the life insurance industry, policies, strategies, systems and claims in addition to their wealth and financial advice responsibilities. Confidence has reduced on how to best structure new cover and review existing cover that is in a clients’ best interests, and compliant.

Many prefer focusing on the strategic client relationship and the wealth and retirement strategy advice. Progressive firms know that Life insurance advice is a specialist field requiring either an increase of internal resources or partnering with a complementary life insurance specialist.

How we can assist: Avanir does not provide wealth advice. We will assume the life insurance advice responsibility and licensing risk and ensure our advice aligns with your clients’ needs, objectives and your financial advice. Avanir will deliver a superior solution in close partnership that you will have complete confidence in.

An alliance with Avanir means:

  • Adding specialist advice, review and claims management advice solutions
  • Providing an exit and/or growth solution for your existing risk insurance business
  • Moving the life insurance licensing, advice and business risk out of your business
  • Creating time, capacity and/or capital to grow your core wealth business
  • Reducing associated business costs, including professional indemnity insurance costs.

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Accounting Firms

The challenge: Regulatory changes now mean accountants are not able to give life insurance advice unless they are fully licensed. Accounting firms no longer have the expertise and business systems to provide compliant life insurance advice commercially. Often, as the central adviser to your clients, you need a trusted referral with no risk to client retention for your firm.

How we can assist: We are not accountants and will not compete for these services. Avanir will provide a comprehensive and tailored specialist life insurance advice solution to your clients that will build goodwill. We will deliver an integrated service solution to your firm, and make your tax documentation needs for SMSF and income protection simple and efficient.

An alliance with Avanir means:

  • Specialist advice including new cover, reviews and claims management solutions
  • Time efficiency because we handle the complex and evolving changes of insurance
  • Choice of in-practice, virtual and other engagement options
  • Comprehensive solutions tailored for your clients’ financial situation
  • Risk mitigation to help protect your clients’ financial well being
  • Seamless coordination and alignment with clients’ overall financial goals.

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Investment Bankers/Advisers

The challenge: Your role is to focus on wealth and investment-related portfolio strategy and management. The life insurance solutions for your wealthier clients will be different.

If clients don’t have the right life insurance solutions to protect their wealth, family and businesses from a pivotal health event, it can unravel your professional advice and your clients’ control of their wealth and financial assets.

Whilst you know life insurance is important, it’s not generally something you’re interested or experienced in. We understand how your professional referral for a solution in this area reflects directly on you and it’s essential your high net worth clients and key accounts have a highly professional experience.

How we can assist: Your clients are generally time poor and want efficient, professional and accurate advice to identify and transfer key health related financial risks. Avanir creates an insightful cohesive strategy that addresses your client’s short-term and long-term goals, while also managing risks effectively. This means your clients’ investment and insurance strategies will work together harmoniously.

An alliance with Avanir means:

  • A highly professional client experience where their needs are addressed
  • Comprehensive risk assessments by specialists
  • Expert personal claims advice and management to ensure benefit payment
  • Tailored cover aligning with clients’ entity structures & your strategic investment advice
  • Access to a wider range of life insurance options not accessible by other channels
  • Peace of mind and avoid unintended consequences upon a pivotal health event
  • More time to focus on investment building, not damage control.

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Finance Brokers

The challenge: You are advising clients to successfully secure new finance or refinance existing debt at both personal and business levels. Part of your client discovery and compliance process is to ask and ensure your clients have adequate life insurances in place to meet their needs, including servicing and repaying their debts. In many cases, specific policies and ownership structures are required by the lenders to secure finance.

How we can assist: You can easily meet this need and common law responsibility by making a simple referral to Avanir. We understand the needs of clients referred by finance brokers, your process and how to make it easier for the client to secure the right life and income protection insurance. There are a number of advice process synergies that make it efficient and easy for us to work together for a better client experience.

An alliance with Avanir means:

  • Insuring clients with a wide range of occupations, risks and those with challenging financial and medical histories
  • Ensuring specific lender’s policy ownership, guarantees and other protection requirements for lending are put in place
  • Providing official certificates of currency for covers to satisfy the requirements of lenders.

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The challenge: Your advice is centred around legally protecting clients, their families, businesses, wealth and/or litigating to ensure your clients’ rights and/or compensation are protected, enforced and realised. When this advice is then combined with life insurance advice, superior client protection outcomes are achieved and that will build additional client goodwill.

How we can assist: We will ensure your clients’ life insurance policies cover their risks and that their related policy affairs are strictly in order so you aren’t dealing with issues in this space. Any new Will or Will update for a client is an important time to review their life insurance.

An alliance with Avanir means:

  • Estate equalisation funding solutions
  • Binding death benefit nominations for life cover in super funds
  • Buy/sell succession planning funding solutions for partnerships, joint ventures and private companies
  • Key person risk cover solutions to protect company shareholders
  • Claims advice and management where you have no internal capability
  • Legal work referred back if a claim is declined.

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General Insurance Brokers

The challenge: Your focus is ensuring your clients’ general insurance risks are identified and insured within an acceptable budget in a competitive market. Many clients will be self-employed via different entities, partnerships, private and public companies. You may identify buy/sell succession funding risks or key person risks within these structures. Unless you are a fully licensed financial adviser, you are unable to assist clients in this area. As a complementary referral, we will build goodwill with no risk to your client retention.

How we can assist: Avanir is not a general insurance broker. We provide a trusted referral solution for your clients’ life insurance advice needs. All that is required by you is a simple referral and we’ll take care of everything else. You will be kept informed of the advice proposed, presented and outcomes. The right life insurance cover will ensure capital injection and continuity of business when pivotal health events occur to shareholders and key people; ensuring you don’t lose key clients.

We provide ongoing stewardship throughout the journey including at time of a claim.

Avanir will add value to your business and clients in many ways by providing:

  • A trusted complimentary life insurance referral solution you can rely on
  • Tailored cover solutions to meet each client’s different needs
  • Expert personal claims advice and management so you don’t have to worry, and you’ll be kept informed so you can manage their general insurance needs.

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