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Life insurance cover for business owners is never ‘off the shelf’.

Self-employed and business owners have very specific personal and family life insurance needs and objectives. The methods to calculate, own and design policies are very different. Here’s where Avanir can help …

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your entity structure

Essential for an insurer
to assess your application

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the correct covers

Ensure you’re not over or under insured. Own policy benefits that will be paid when you need to claim.

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the right policies

We’ll recommend the right policies for you at the most competitive premium price.

Different business. Different strategy.

Your business is an asset. It too plays a role in your future and your wealth.

Therefore, as part of your life insurance plan, it should be protected.

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Avoid financial loss

Protect against pivotal health events so you, your family and your business don’t fail.

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Maintain ownership

Protect your business shareholding for you & your family & stay in control of your business and its operation.

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Protect vital roles

Avoid financial loss if key executives, managers and staff experience death or disability.

“Chris deftly navigated the claim process, effectively managed the relationship with the insurers, provided invaluable guidance and removed so much of our stress. He ultimately helped us achieve a positive outcome.”

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Let’s reduce your business risk exposure and protect its value.

When you work for yourself, having the correct insurance for unplanned issues, such as injury or illness, is vital because this is your livelihood. There are strategies that can protect you that are not available in public offer super funds, group life or employer plans.

Business succession funding strategies

Ensure you and your family realise fair value
for your shareholding and that your business partners achieve orderly succession of your equity and control of the business. Learn more

Keyperson cover strategies

Every business has executives, managers or people that if lost to the business through a pivotal health event, would directly and significantly affect the businesses performance.

Life insurance related policies are the perfect instrument to create the capital needed to maintain financial stability, replace key people and ensure business continuity. Learn more

Business expenses cover strategies

When you suddenly can’t work in your business, the fixed ongoing expenses of the business don’t stop coming in. Business Expenses insurance provides a way to cover and be reimbursed monthly for up to a year for these types of expenses, leaving you to focus on your treatment and recovery while your business keeps operating. Learn more

You’ll see how Avanir can work for you.

Business protection

that is in line with your life insurance.

Specialist advice

and expertly managed.

Superior support

and stewardship at the time of claims.

Excellent success rate

and timeframes for claims.

Find out more about how you can maximise your life cover.

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1. Discovery Call

Here we learn more about your business and your current coverage. We conduct a needs analysis to identify any gaps in your coverage.

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2. Set-up

We provide comprehensive recommendations for complete cover based on your business requirements and what outcomes best fit.

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3. Be Confident

With your insurance under expert guidance and Avanir’s ongoing consultation, you’ll have the confidence to work well and do well.